About Celestial Care - In Home Health Care Agency in the Phoenix Area

About Celestial Care

Whether you’re a potential client, a loved one or hoping to become an employee, we invite you to learn more about us here.

We know that before you begin working with us as a client, on behalf of someone you love or as a potential employee, you’re going to want to know more about us. That’s only natural, and we support it.

We are a concierge private duty nursing company. In a nutshell, that means we aren’t trying to grow as big as we possibly can. Instead, we limit our client base, which allows us to provide the best possible attention and oversight to everyone we serve. This unique touch results in a calm, supportive approach that benefits everyone.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is pretty simple: We want our team members to have high job satisfaction. Does that sound a little naïve? We assure you it is not, and that we routinely meet this goal. By hiring only the best caregivers and meeting each one of our clients personally, we ensure a great fit between caregiver and client. This attention results in Celestial Care being recognized as a “Provider Of Choice” by Home Care Pulse.

Our Approach

We provide a high level of skilled care. Our capable private nursing staff, unique in our industry, allow even clients with severe advanced conditions to remain at home rather than going into a skilled nursing facility or rehab center. In addition to our caregiver services – bathing, dressing, cooking, shopping, cleaning and so forth – we offer a variety of skilled services under physician orders. They include:

●    Administering IVs
●    Tube feeding
●    Pain control
●    Administering medications
●    Ostomy Care (tracheostomy, colostomy, ileostomy)
●    Oxygen therapy
●    Wound Care
●    Diabetes management
●    Other services within the skilled nurse’s scope of practice.

Not only do these services provide an excellent environment for our clients, but they also create an opportunity for our nurses and caregivers to use their skills and insure patient safety.  If you or a loved one are in a situation where you require nursing or health care services in your home, look no further than Celestial Care.

Our Company

At Celestial Care, we believe in going above and beyond what other home health care services provide. Our private duty company thoroughly vets each prospective employee, runs extensive criminal background checks, and hires only the best skilled and non-skilled workers, and we always will.

When you’re ready to find out more about us and our concierge home care offerings, get in touch. Whether a client, a concerned loved one or a future employee, we would like to talk to you today, so call: (602) 375-8880 or click to contact us.