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The Benefits of a Private In-Home Care Nurse

By 2030, people aged 65 years and above will outnumber children in the United States. More older Americans will need support from their family, friends, and healthcare facilities. Many people we talk to are worried about how to support the elderly members of their family. Private in-home nursing can provide an ideal solution. People above […]

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The Importance of Continuing to Wear Masks and Social Distance

Unfortunately, efforts at containing COVID-19 in Arizona have not been as successful as other states. Now that the state has come out of lockdown and allowed many businesses to re-open, we are seeing significant rises in new cases. As new cases continue to rise, it’s becoming more important than ever that people need to wear […]

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Keeping Cool and Hydrated in the Arizona Summer

As another blistering Arizona summer approaches, it’s so important to make sure that everyone stays cool and hydrated as best they can.  This is particularly true for seniors, who are at a highest risk for overheating complications such as dehydration and heat stroke. Wellness for Seniors: Staying Cool While Staying Active in the Arizona Heat […]

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How to Protect Your Older Family Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses in Arizona are beginning to open up. Barbershops are allowed to open on May 8th and restaurants are allowed to open on May 11th. But just because businesses have been given the green light doesn’t mean it’s back to business as usual. Everyone running out and congregating in public places at the same time […]

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Senior Woman in Wheelchair with her In-Home Caregiver

When to Consider an In-Home Caregiver

While most individuals over the age of 65 are independent and healthy, 70 percent will need daily assistance at some point. Knowing when to hire a professional caregiver isn’t always clear. Waiting too long could result in family caregiver burnout or more serious health issues for older family members. Taking a proactive approach when it […]

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The Power of 5

Celestial Care is proud to be a member of the Home Care Association of America.  This organization connects and educates caregivers and home care agencies nationwide. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, they have been providing resources, training, and education to help home care agencies keep their patients and their caregivers safe and healthy. Take a look […]

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Ways to Help your Older Family Members Age in Place

After living in their own home for years, your older family members may not want to leave despite needing additional care. Staying at home while they age, also known as aging in place, is familiar and comfortable. As circumstances change, they may find it more difficult to take care of themselves, and they may face […]

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A daughter cares for her mother after surgery

How to Help a Family Member Recover from Surgery

Going through surgery can be incredibly difficult and the recovery process often takes weeks or months. Providing emotional and physical support to your loved ones can be tough as they may come home in pain and with reduced mobility. Being prepared in advance of the surgery is key to managing the recovery process, since it […]

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A senior couple riding their bikes - great exercise!

The Importance of Exercise for Physical and Mental Health in Seniors

Everyone knows exercise for physical and mental health is a good idea. Find out how it can make a tremendous impact on the quality of life for senior adults.  While most people know exercise is a crucial component to a healthy lifestyle, you may be surprised to learn just how vital regular exercise is to […]

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An older woman and her daughter/caregiver

Finding Balance as a Caregiver to Older Relatives

Finding balance as a caregiver to elderly relatives isn’t easy. Here are some tips to help you provide care while protecting your health and sanity. Is finding balance as a caregiver to elderly relatives even possible? From managing finances and medications to providing basic care and navigating difficult transitions, being a caregiver can be taxing […]

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