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grandfather and granddaughter near the Christmas tree

Things to Look for When Spending the Holidays with an Elderly Family Member

Spending the holidays with elderly family members can be bittersweet as you may notice changes in health, ability and behavior. Here are the things to look for when you are together to help you make the best care plans possible in 2019. Spending the holidays with elderly family members can be a bittersweet experience. While […]

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Senior woman who has fallen

What to Do After a Fall

What should you do after an elderly person falls? Here are the top things to consider as you make a plan for safety.  When an elderly person falls in his or her home alone, it can be a terrifying experience—not just for the senior, but also for the family members. A one-time fall is enough […]

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Senior Woman in Wheelchair with her In-Home Caregiver

The Ins and Outs of In-Home Nursing

How to tell if you need an in home nurse and how to find one that fits your needs and family. How can you tell if an in home nurse is the logical next step in the care of a loved one? If you know the time is right, how do you find the in […]

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Vote for Celestial Care in the Ranking Arizona “Best of Arizona Business” Awards!

We have submitted Celestial Care for the “Best of Arizona Business” awards from Ranking Arizona in the “Home Health Care Agencies” category. Please vote for Celestial Care so that we can make it to the top of the list! Click Here to go to the page to vote for Celestial Care.  You can vote once […]

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Ways to Ensure Your Family Member Is Receiving Quality Care

What questions should you ask before hiring someone who will be taking care of a senior family member? Taking care of a senior family member isn’t easy, and in many situations, it isn’t possible for an adult child to manage a parent’s care and stay employed full-time. The financial and emotional stress involved in juggling […]

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How to Talk to Your Senior Family Member about Hiring a Caregiver

Thinking about hiring a senior caregiver? Here’s how to get your elderly loved one on board. Hiring a senior caregiver helps the elderly stay independent while also staying safe. Unfortunately, some patients worry it’s a beeline to a senior living facility. Present the discussion in a thoughtful way, and you can get your loved one […]

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Prevent Polypharmacy with these tips

How to Manage Your Medications and Avoid Polypharmacy

What are the best methods for managing medications? Discover the tips you need now. Managing medications becomes more of a challenge as patients get older and face more complex health conditions. A recent surgical patient with an underlying health condition can have six or more prescriptions to keep track of every day. Making sure a […]

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Senior Fall Prevention Checklist

AlgaeCal put together a series of great infographics on Fall Prevention for Seniors. We wanted to share them with you. Top 5 Causes of Falls – An Infographic by the team at AlgaeCal Fall Prevention Checklist – An Infographic by the team at AlgaeCal Click Here to read their full article about how to prevent […]

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How to Tell When the Time is Right to Hire Caregiving Help

Hiring nursing help is an important step for those who cannot afford to become the caregiver for an aging parent or relative. But when is the right time? Most of us accept that seniors will need nursing help at some point in their lives. However, it can be confusing to decide when to hire that […]

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The Stages of Dementia, and the Unique Caregiving Needs for a Dementia Patient

Do you suspect that you are a loved one may have dementia and are you wondering what to do about it? It starts with understanding the stages. Is someone you love exhibiting signs of forgetfulness or memory loss? You may wonder whether they have dementia. The condition poses many challenges for the senior themselves as […]

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