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Relaxing candles can be one way to practice quiet self-care

The Importance of Self-Care as a Caregiver to a Family Member

Self-care as a caregiver is just as important as providing care to your loved ones. When did you last set aside time for self-care as a caregiver? Helping someone else when they need it the most is very noble. But, if you put all of your time and energy into their well-being, you may start […]

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Young female caregiver and elderly man covered with blanket smiling to each other

How to Tell What Level of Nursing You Need For Yourself or a Family Member

The right level of nursing will ensure you get the care you need around the clock. The goal of an in-home care provider is to match clients with the right level of nursing for their unique set of circumstances. Different types of caregivers perform different tasks. While some patients are still very active, others may […]

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Older woman stretching before exercising

Good Ways for Seniors to Get Exercise, Even When the Weather Is Hot

Find out the best ways for seniors to get exercise and stay in shape during the summer. Even with the sun shining brightly in the sky, it’s important for seniors to get exercise. Just because someone is in their golden years doesn’t mean they can’t live an active life. Working out is the best way […]

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A senior man holding a glass of ice water - hydration is very important in the Arizona summer!

The Importance of Hydration as the Weather Gets Warmer

Familiarize yourself with the importance of hydration for senior adults. Summer is coming and the hottest temps of the year are on their way, so it is time to stop and consider the importance of hydration for seniors. Whether you are a senior adult or have a loved one who is elderly, knowing the facts […]

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a nurse in elderly care for the elderly

Caring for a Senior after Surgery or a Hospital Stay

What should you do to provide the right level of care for a senior following a surgery or hospital stay? These tips from in-home care experts will guide you through this time of transition. Are you trying to determine the best way to care for a senior after surgery or a hospital stay? Taking a […]

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Care Management – What Is It and When Is It Needed?

Learn more about care management and how it can make a difference for your personal home health care or the services you arrange for a loved one. Are you exploring the best care management options for yourself or a loved one? The right management plan will ensure you have optimal services in place to meet […]

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Celestial Care Receives the Home Care Pulse Employer of Choice and Provider of Choice Awards

Local home care provider Celestial Care receives industry awards for 2019.At Celestial Care, we are honored to receive recognition for the work we feel passionate about providing for our valued clients and their families. Being the 2019 recipient of both the Home Care Pulse Employer of Choice and the Provider of Choice Awards is confirmation […]

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Caregiver with a senior in a wheelchair

Finding an In-Home Nurse in Fountain Hills

Searching for an in-home nurse in Fountain Hills doesn’t have to be a hassle. Discover the services available for you or your loved one to receive excellent care in the comfort of home. Are you searching for an in-home nurse in Fountain Hills for your loved one? The right nursing service can provide the support […]

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grandfather and granddaughter near the Christmas tree

Things to Look for When Spending the Holidays with an Elderly Family Member

Spending the holidays with elderly family members can be bittersweet as you may notice changes in health, ability and behavior. Here are the things to look for when you are together to help you make the best care plans possible in 2019. Spending the holidays with elderly family members can be a bittersweet experience. While […]

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Senior woman who has fallen

What to Do After a Fall

What should you do after an elderly person falls? Here are the top things to consider as you make a plan for safety.  When an elderly person falls in his or her home alone, it can be a terrifying experience—not just for the senior, but also for the family members. A one-time fall is enough […]

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