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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Elderly Parents

Are you wondering about the best ways to approach sensitive conversations with elderly parents? These tips can guide you. Having difficult conversations with elderly parents is not anyone’s idea of a good time, but sometimes it’s necessary. As parents age, challenging transitions occur, and it often feels like navigating new territory for adult children who […]

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happy senior woman on wheelchair with caregiver

How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best In-Home Care

How can you be certain your loved one is getting the best in-home care services possible? Here are the signs pointing to exceptional care you can trust. When you have a loved one in need of quality in-home care services, it’s important find a company you can count on to provide the highest level of […]

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How to Plan for the Future for a Relative with Dementia

If you have a loved one with dementia, it’s important to plan for the future. These tips will help you to prepare for what’s next. When you have a relative with dementia, it can be overwhelming and scary. You may be feeling uncertain about what the future holds. While you can’t control how quickly the […]

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Support is important. Young granddaughter sits beside her grandfather while holding his hand gently and expressing moral support.

When You Should Look for Help with Caring for a Sick Elderly Relative

Find out how to know it’s time to seek help when caring for an elderly relative who is struggling with illness. When you have a sick elderly relative, you may feel like you should try to do it all. After all, it’s your loved one, and it’s easy to let guilt set in if you […]

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Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Falling

It’s possible to create a safe home environment that will help seniors avoid falling. Do you know how to help seniors avoid falling? Many older people live with the fear of falling and for a good reason. At least one-third of senior citizens fall each year, and of those, many will sustain life-altering injuries. Creating […]

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A woman connecting with elderly family members long-distance using a video chat

How to Be a Long-Distance Caregiver

Although you live in a different city, it’s still possible to be an amazing long-distance caregiver to your loved one. Did you know that being a long-distance caregiver can be just as effective as someone who lives locally? While it may sadden you to live in another city than your loved one, you can still […]

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Tips to Help Seniors Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Follow these simple tips to help seniors stay cool even when the temperatures rise. It’s important to help seniors stay cool in hot weather. When temperatures rise, older adults have more difficulty adjusting to the heat. Unfortunately, heatstroke and even death may occur as a result of overheating. Summertime is especially dangerous for the elderly. […]

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Relaxing candles can be one way to practice quiet self-care

The Importance of Self-Care as a Caregiver to a Family Member

Self-care as a caregiver is just as important as providing care to your loved ones. When did you last set aside time for self-care as a caregiver? Helping someone else when they need it the most is very noble. But, if you put all of your time and energy into their well-being, you may start […]

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Young female caregiver and elderly man covered with blanket smiling to each other

How to Tell What Level of Nursing You Need For Yourself or a Family Member

The right level of nursing will ensure you get the care you need around the clock. The goal of an in-home care provider is to match clients with the right level of nursing for their unique set of circumstances. Different types of caregivers perform different tasks. While some patients are still very active, others may […]

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Older woman stretching before exercising

Good Ways for Seniors to Get Exercise, Even When the Weather Is Hot

Find out the best ways for seniors to get exercise and stay in shape during the summer. Even with the sun shining brightly in the sky, it’s important for seniors to get exercise. Just because someone is in their golden years doesn’t mean they can’t live an active life. Working out is the best way […]

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