Admin Information - Celestial Care

Admin Information

Pat is your Administrative contact in the office

Dress Code

Celestial Care has a professional dress code that is to be followed at all times while on duty with our clients. Every employee has their choice of a company approved embroidered shirt. Uniform top is to be accompanied by Black, Brown, or Khaki slacks that go down to the ankle.

Since, our founding in 1997, Celestial Care has chosen not to use scrubs as a uniform. This takes the hospital feel out of the home, and brings a more professional touch of care to our clients. For safety, closed toed shoes are required, and no body piercing are to be worn other than approved earrings.

Ear gauges can be nude in color. Nails are to be kept clean, cut, and neutral so daily tasks can be performed. Tattoos are not to be visible. For any help with the dress code guidelines please refer to your employee handbook.

ESO/Office Number

Communication is key at Celestial Care. All communication is to go through the Main office at all times. The main office number is 602-375-8880. Scheduling, nursing, and end of shift reports all go through the main office.

End of shift reports are mandatory of all employees at the completion of every shift. If a client has a change in condition throughout the day, the main off should be contacted immediately. Typical phone hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm Mon-Friday.

The main office number is available 24/7 with an answering service. You can simply leave a message with the live operator and a supervisor will contact you. Only urgent needs and End of shift reports should be called through after office hours.

Tools of the Trade

All Celestial Care employees must carry their own set of “tools of the trade” to every shift. The required tools of the trade are: a manual blood pressure cuff, Temporal thermometer, gait belt, stethoscope, and Red new hire folder.

Most clients are supplied with an automatic blood pressure cuff but in the event a more accurate or second reading needs to be taken a manual blood pressure cuff is required. The temporal thermometer is required for sanitary purposes.

Within the red new hire folder, you will find informational sheets as well as extra time cards in case of an emergency. All tools of the trade are for purchase in the office. Please email or call the main number to replace any damaged or lost items.

Telephony and GPS Tracking

All employees are required to download and use HomeTrak mobile. Celestial Care utilizes Hometrak for scheduling, payroll, as well as GPS based clocking in and out system.

Hometrak mobile will allow you to clock in at a client’s home using your cellular device. There are many benefits to using Hometrak mobile for both the field staff and the administrative team in the office.

For more information on features and setting up Hometrak mobile, refer to Telephony Instructions.