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If you are looking for excellent employment opportunities with a quality company, look no further than Celestial Care.

Here at Celestial Care, our caregivers have 24-hour access to a nursing supervisor to confer with and receive guidance.  Working in private duty nursing can be a demanding career. Even though the benefits of helping clients achieve the highest quality of living are enormous, the stressors are considerable, too. We recognize that, which is why we make sure each caregiver-client match is excellent so each engagement is as long lasting and calm as possible.

We meet with every new patient before assigning a caregiver to ensure they’re a match for our unique approach. This way, you can know you’re going into a situation where clients are expecting you and understand why you are there and how you will help them. We give all our nurses the highest level of support on the job and actually want you to call in with questions and concerns you encounter while you are on-site. You can find out more about our values and what it’s like to work with us here.

Why Work with Us in the Caregiver Industry?

We help our clients retain their dignity by assisting them to meet their medical, physical, social and emotional needs in their homes, according to their wishes. We believe in helping our clients live rather than simply exist or endure. That approach makes work in the caregiver industry deeply fulfilling and meaningful for most of the nurses who work with us.

But make no mistake: A full and dignified life is our goal for each and every one of our team members as well. Working in the caregiver industry can be difficult, but its rewards are much more likely when employers offer strong support. We do everything we can to assist you and help you achieve the career you want.

Benefits to Employment at Celestial Care

There are many benefits to working with us. The Celestial Care leadership strives to create an atmosphere where you can flourish in your profession and create a life you love. That’s why we:

  • Give you the time off and flexibility to enjoy vacation, holidays and family
  • Offer a schedule of three 12-hour shifts
  • Support and comfort you as we expect you to support and comfort patients
  • Encourage communication throughout the team
  • Check in on you regularly and offer assistance
  • Provide opportunities to practice real nursing skills
  • Offer opportunities for students

Find Employment Today

Want to find out more about our employment opportunities? Please get in touch. We train and support all our team members so they can have the best possible experience working with clients. We are committed to creating the kind of work environment where everyone feels cared for, safe, and appreciated.

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