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The Stages of Dementia, and the Unique Caregiving Needs for a Dementia Patient

Do you suspect that you are a loved one may have dementia and are you wondering what to do about it? It starts with understanding the stages. Is someone you love exhibiting signs of forgetfulness or memory loss? You may wonder whether they have dementia. The condition poses many challenges for the senior themselves as […]

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senior drinking water

The Importance of Hydration for Arizona Seniors

Arizona seniors, like all other elderly people, need to drink lots of water.  But living in the desert makes hydration especially important. Whether you care for Arizona seniors as a career or have just one elderly person for whom you are responsible, or you are a senior yourself, hydration is key. The summer heat in […]

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Caregiver Serving Tea to Elderly Woman

What to Expect from a Premium In-Home Care Service

When the responsibility of caring for your aging parent falls directly on your shoulders, it’s time to consider the benefits of premium in-home care. Is it time to think about premium in-home care services for your loved one? You’ll be amazed by the high level of care available. The world is a different place than […]

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How to Help a Senior Recovering from Surgery at Home

There are several specific ways you can help a senior recovering from surgery at home. Are you dealing with a senior recovering from surgery at home? If so, you probably already know there’s something quite unsettling about being in the hospital or having a loved one in the hospital. Patients often feel incredibly vulnerable and […]

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elderly woman and her son with caregiver

How to Choose an In-Home Nurse

The types of questions you need to ask when choosing an in-home nurse don’t have a simple yes or no answer.  Are you wondering how you should go about choosing an in-home nurse? First and foremost, you need to determine whether or not you need a skilled caregiver in your home. It’s not necessary to […]

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memory loss and brain aging due to dementia and alzheimer

How to Be Sure Your Home Nursing Care Provider Understands Memory Care

If your loved one suffers from memory loss, Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia, be sure your caregiver understands the principles of memory care. Are you seeking home nursing care that specializes in memory care? Experts estimate that one in every ten individuals over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s and in 2017, a […]

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Nurse Helping Senior Patient with Water in Bed

When a Caregiver Isn’t Enough: Is It Time for Skilled Nursing Care in the Home?

How do you know when it’s time to hire a professional? Here are some considerations to take into account if you’re thinking about private duty nursing for your loved one’s care at home. Are you considering private duty nursing for your loved one? If you’ve been caring for an aged relative or loved one, perhaps […]

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How to Fall-Proof Your Home for Aging Parents

If you’re caring for elderly parents in your home, you need to know the steps to take to make sure your home is “fall-proof.” Are you caring for elderly parents? If so, did you know the number one reason for injuries among older Americans is falling? It also accounts for the leading cause of injury […]

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Caregiver Helping Elderly Woman At Home

Working as an Unpaid Caregiver for an Elderly Relative and Need Help?

Where do you turn when you’re an unpaid caregiver for the elderly and need help? Chances are you never gave much thought throughout your life about the possibility of becoming a caregiver for the elderly. Even if you did, there’s a good probability you never imagined what the job involves, or that you’d be doing […]

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