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Benefits of Home Care

Below are some thoughts regarding the benefits of home care.

Home is Preferred –

People are just happier being at home. Patients feel more comfortable in the sanctity of their own residence. Patients are allowed to still enjoy their home, family, friends, pets and hobbies.

Family –

Home care keeps families together. Family social value is important in times of illness. The family is also able to participate in the patients’ health care.

Staying Independent –

With some assistance, the elderly and ill can still feel they are in control and function as members of society. Hospitals and nursing homes give fewer amounts of freedom and choices. Home care is fit to the needs of the individual and delivered on a one–on–one basis.

Stress –

Home care can reduce anxiety and stress. It can also be beneficial for family stress so loved ones can enjoy time away from care–giving responsibilities. Research has shown living at home is often the best option for physical and mental well–being.

Better Health –

Home care is a key step toward achieving optimal health outcomes for many patients. It is critical that the patient receives appropriate nutrition and in a home setting patients may have more choices on nutrition. Studies show that home care interventions can improve quality of care and reduce hospitalizations due to chronic conditions or adverse events. There are less patient incidents and safety issues in the home setting than in most other settings. The bottom line is there is abundant evidence that patients heal more quickly at home.