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Caring for a Senior after Surgery or a Hospital Stay

What should you do to provide the right level of care for a senior following a surgery or hospital stay? These tips from in-home care experts will guide you through this time of transition.

Are you trying to determine the best way to care for a senior after surgery or a hospital stay? Taking a proactive approach is important to create a seamless transition from the facility to the home. The first thirty days after being discharged from the hospital are paramount to a patient’s recovery, especially when the patient is a senior adult.

Keep reading for the information and tips you need to ensure the senior adult in your life has the care and services in place to achieve a successful recovery.

Plan in Advance for the Recovery Time

Things can get difficult and overwhelming quickly when there isn’t a solid post-surgery plan in place. Hiring the right in-home nursing services in advance will avoid hassle and inconvenience for both the senior and his or her loved ones. Most family members are not trained to know what to do once a senior is home from the hospital. This can put undue stress on the senior, which can lead to a setback.

By selecting the care provider prior to the surgery or hospital stay, the senior can be involved in the process of choosing his or her preferred nurse. As soon as the patient is home from the hospital, it will be vital to have attentive, skilled care available. A minor issue can quickly become a critical situation without trained in-home medical services available.

Know the Risks

The doctor should provide discharge papers that will cover the recommended plan of care for once the senior leaves the facility. However, it will also be a good idea to talk with the doctor about the risks of readmission and the signs to watch for, so the senior, loved ones and caregivers know when it’s time to return to the doctor or Emergency Room.

Some of the top risks the senior will face in the weeks following discharge include:

  • Improper medication use: while medication is an important part of recovery, it can quickly become a problem if the caregiver does not administer it correctly. Take steps to hire a trained in-home nurse who has experience with administering mediations.
  • Injuries: when a senior returns home from the hospital, it is common for him or her to experience muscle weakness, dizziness, mobility issues, and disorientation. These factors can lead to injuries that can land them back in the hospital. A trained caregiver will understand this risk and will be sure to provide the assistance necessary to minimize the risk.
  • Overexertion: many seniors are excited to be back in their homes, which puts them at risk for overdoing it. They may feel more freedom to get back to normal, once they return to their comfortable space. However, doing too much too soon can lead to overexertion that can trigger new health problems or exacerbate existing issues.

Make Sure You Have a Qualified In-Home Nurse with Recovery Experience

One of the benefits of hiring a trained in-home nurse is the fact they know the warning signs and will be there to provide necessary care in the home as well as determine whether or not it is necessary to return to the hospital. Finding a qualified nurse that has experience with post-surgical recovery will give you even more peace of mind, knowing your loved one in is capable hands.

Complications from surgeries are more common with elderly patients, and it is always better to error on the side of caution than it is to wait too long to provide medical care during recovery.

Celestial Care: The Best Way to Care for a Senior After Surgery

If you need to schedule care for a senior after surgery or a hospital stay, our team of in-home care experts are happy to help. We are here to answer your questions and help you to assess your needs and budget to come up with the ideal services for your situation.

There’s no need to go through this time of transition alone. Set the senior in your life up for a successful recovery with reliable in-home support and medical care from our trusted team at Celestial Care. Connect with us online now or call 602.375.8880 to schedule a consultation.