Celestial Care Receives the Home Care Pulse Employer of Choice and Provider of Choice Awards - Celestial Care

Celestial Care Receives the Home Care Pulse Employer of Choice and Provider of Choice Awards

Local home care provider Celestial Care receives industry awards for 2019.

At Celestial Care, we are honored to receive recognition for the work we feel passionate about providing for our valued clients and their families. Being the 2019 recipient of both the Home Care Pulse Employer of Choice and the Provider of Choice Awards is confirmation to us that we are meeting the high standards we set for our business and employees. We will continue to go above and beyond to meet the unique needs of senior adults and individuals with disabilities who count on our services to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Best of Home Care Bases Awards on Client and Caregiver Feedback

Even more meaningful than receiving awards is discovering our clients and caregivers provided the feedback that led to the nominations. According to Best of Home Care, they contracted with the independent company, Home Care Pulse, to gather client and caregiver feedback through monthly phone interviews.

To know clients recognize Celestial Care as being at the forefront of the industry for senior in-home care makes everything we do each day worthwhile. We are only satisfied when we know our clients are, and these awards tell us we are on the right track.

At Celestial Care, our expertise in-home care and dedication to nursing excellence enables us to serve the Arizona community in the best way possible. We are fiercely committed to our clients; providing exemplary, attentive service is the driving force behind our work, and our clients and their families know this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Best of Home Care Employer of Choice Award

Skilled, caring and dedicated nurses are in demand for doctor's offices, hospitals and nursing homes. By offering a valuable, unique work experience for qualified nurses, Celestial Care is able to maintain a higher level of job satisfaction for staff while ensuring clients receive top-notch care.

Our status as an Employer of Choice means we can select from the top nurses and caregivers in the whole Phoenix area. We will accept nothing less for our clients and their families. After all, the nurses who care for clients will be in their homes regularly, identifying and meeting health needs and concerns. These are the people who will get to know clients and ensure they have the quality of life they deserve.

As an award-winning employer, we are thrilled we can attract and retain the highest caliber in-home nursing and caregiver talent. Our clients and families turn to us for exceptional care and peace of mind—we know we can deliver time and time again because we employ the best team of caregivers in the Fountain Hills area.

Benefits of Working with Award Winning In-Home Care Providers

Choosing an award-winning in-home care provider for your loved one provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • Confidence: An objective third party determines these home care awards; when you work with an award-winning brand, you can be sure your loved one is in capable and caring hands. This is essential if your loved one lives alone or in a different location from the rest of the family.
  • Continued Excellence: A brand that has won an award won't want to lose it to another provider. You can expect a continued dedication to excellence for years to come, as the organization continues its excellent work and strives to receive this industry-leading award again.
  • Consistency: As an employer of choice, Celestial Care not only has access to the area's top talent, we are more likely to retain top employees instead of losing them to another organization. This means your loved one can depend on consistency and can get to know their provider—without worrying their in-home nurse will depart for another opportunity.
  • Quality of Care: We hire only the cream of the crop nursing staff; this allows Celestial to offer your loved one the highest quality of care. From specialized medical services to proper medication administration and attentive personal care services, our providers are dedicated to our client’s satisfaction and overall well-being 365 days a year.

At Celestial Care, our staff includes a medical director who can work with clients and families facing even the most challenging health concerns. We have a strong reputation for working closely with physicians to ensure the appropriate care plan and medication plan are in place. Our highly-trained nurses and caregivers also work closely with a client’s medical team to ensure they follow all medical orders. We strive to become a natural extension of the excellent medical care you or your loved one is receiving, so the care can be as seamless and streamlined as possible.

It’s Time to Work with an Award-Winning In-Home Care Provider

If your senior loved one requires regular in-home nursing care, let our award-winning team meet the need with excellence. Connect with us online now or call 602-375-8880 to learn more about our medical and non-medical services and staff. Our professional team is ready to help you create a customized care plan for you or a loved one, so contact us now for an initial consultation.