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Do I Need a Skilled Nurse or a CNA?

As we get older, we often need additional support in order to get through our daily routine.  Often, this support is provided by family members until it reaches a point where the family no longer has the time to administer the round-the-clock care that older people sometimes need.  This can be overwhelming when just helping with activities of daily living (cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.) It’s even more difficult when they need daily medical attention like administering medication, pain control, tube feedings, inserting IVs, and more.

What options do you have?

There are always nursing homes or assisted living facilities available. While these are great and can even be beneficial in fostering a sense of community around other residents, it isn’t often the preferred choice.

Most older people would prefer to age-in-place within the comfort of their homes. While this can sometimes feel like an impossible goal, it is actually very possible when you look for agencies that provide in-home care for the elderly.

These in-home care plans can either be in the form of assisted living or non-medical services typically provided by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), or healthcare services provided by a Skilled Nurse or RN.

How can you decide which service is best for your older family member?

To decide between the options of a CNA and a skilled nurse, you must first understand what each option entails, as well as the exact level of care your loved one requires.

CNAs help patients with activities of daily living and other health care requirements. They may be supervised by registered nurses. CNAs or caregivers can help with tasks such as ensuring the patient takes their meds, bathing and dressing them, feeding and spending time with them. They can also help with chores and driving them around or other errands.  Read more about our CNAs and their scope of care here

Skilled nurses or registered nurses are best suited when the elderly person in question requires more advanced care. Unlike CNAs, they are medically trained and can provide most medical services with doctor’s orders.

The registered nurse can handle most medical tasks, including administering medication, controlling pain with prescription drugs, checking vitals, tube feeding, changing IVs, as well as respiratory, tracheotomy, and colostomy care.

They can also provide medical assistance for elderly people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.  Read more about our Registered Nurses and their scope of care here

Do you need to hire both a CNA and a skilled nurse?

No, you don’t. The decision is based on the needs of your loved one. If they don’t require advanced medical care, then a CNA will suffice. Otherwise, you may need to go for a skilled nurse.

If you have an older family member in need of in-home nursing care services in the Phoenix area, we recommend you come to us at Celestial Care.

We have various levels of care available, from a little non-medical assistance during the day to 24-hour skilled nursing care for patients with advanced conditions. We can work with you to develop a customized plan for providing for the patient’s specific needs.  We are dedicated to providing the best care  in the comfort of the patient’s home so they can age-in-place without difficulty.

If you are having a hard time understanding what level of care is needed, we can help you. Just schedule an appointment here with our management team.

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