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Finding an In-Home Nurse in Fountain Hills

Searching for an in-home nurse in Fountain Hills doesn’t have to be a hassle. Discover the services available for you or your loved one to receive excellent care in the comfort of home.

Are you searching for an in-home nurse in Fountain Hills for your loved one? The right nursing service can provide the support and medical care your loved one requires to live independently in his or her home for as long as possible. Let’s take a closer look at how you can choose the best professional for the job.

What Is an In-Home Nurse?

An in-home nurse is a specialized caregiver who delivers medical treatment and health-related services within the patient’s home instead of at a hospital or clinic. Other terms for the job include home healthcare nurse and medical caregiver; a qualified home nurse is a licensed medical practitioner (most are LPNs or RNs). These are nursing professionals who know how to meet their patient’s needs for medication and treatment, allowing the patients to remain in their homes instead of requiring them to live in a nursing facility.

For individuals suffering from chronic conditions with injuries that require wound care or dressing and those who are recovering from a surgery or illness, an in-home nurse can also minimize the need for multiple visits to a facility or clinic. Individuals can avoid the stress and hassle of travel and receive the services they need right at home.

An in-home nurse can also evaluate a patient’s ability to perform the tasks of daily living—from bathing and cooking to checking the mail and getting dressed for the day. While a nurse can assist with these things, it is not their primary purpose nor part of their job description. However, it’s important to know just how many tasks your loved one is able to perform without assistance. The nurse may be able to provide you with a report of what they witness to help you determine if additional home care services are necessary.

Benefits of In-Home Nursing Care

Hiring the right in-home nurse to meet a loved one’s medical needs offers both the patient and the patient’s family several benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Elderly or chronically ill individuals may need to visit the doctor frequently for monitoring and treatment. An in-home nurse can cut down on the number of times you need to visit a provider, resulting in less travel time and fewer scheduling hassles.
  • More Quality Time: If you spend all of your time together taking your senior parent or loved one to the doctor, you’re missing out on quality time. When the medical care comes to your loved one at home, you will find you can spend more time together doing things you enjoy instead of driving to and from appointments.
  • Personalized Care: A qualified in-home nurse will get to know your senior, becoming familiar with their concerns, condition and overall health and wellness needs. When you have a consistent caregiver presence, your loved one will enjoy seeing a familiar face each session, rather than receiving care from various providers at a busy facility.
  • Medication and Wound Care Assistance: If your loved one requires help changing bandages, caring for a wound or even remembering to take medication, an in-home nurse can ensure they get the attention and treatment they need. It will alleviate a lot of your stress and concerns when you know there is a trained professional keeping an eye on the patient’s needs.
  • Enhanced Safety: When your loved one does not have to visit a medical facility regularly, his or her chance of contracting a secondary infection decreases. Older adults are particularly prone to infection in a hospital or medical setting; in-home care may help to prevent issues that can lead to even greater health problems.
  • Chronic Conditions Monitoring: Older adults who struggle with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and more can benefit significantly from regular monitoring. According to the Centers for Disease Control, monitoring conditions like hypertension can prevent or dramatically reduce hospitalization rates in elderly patients.
  • Social Stimulation: While there are plenty of benefits and reasons for seniors to age in place at home, loneliness is a common side effect. When a senior has regular visits to look forward to, even from a nurse, it can help to alleviate the solitude and provide an opportunity for socialization.
  • Assistance with Related Tasks: Seniors who are struggling with basic hygiene and related tasks can work with an in-home nurse to come up with strategies to address these needs.

What to Look for in a Fountain Hills In-Home Nurse

Since your loved one has medical needs that require specialized care, your in-home health care provider should be a licensed nursing professional. While other care providers can help with household tasks, simple tasks of daily living, companionship and more, they cannot provide medical services. Your in-home nursing provider should be able to offer the same level of care and medical expertise your loved one would receive in a doctor’s office.

Any in-home nurse you hire should be medically qualified, motivated and enjoy working with senior adults and/or individuals with disabilities. A willingness to interact with your loved one as a trusted caregiver and companion is essential. The nurse should be committed to providing outstanding levels of care and belong to an agency or service that conducts full background checks and offers a qualified substitute if scheduling issues occur.

Find a Reliable In-Home Nurse in Fountain Hills at Celestial Care

If you or your loved one require medical monitoring for a chronic health condition or need other medical services at home, it’s time to reach out to our friendly, expert team at Celestial Care. We can connect you with a professional in-home nurse in Fountain Hills. You will be amazed by how simple it is to obtain the kind of home health services you desire for the senior adult in your life.