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How Do I Know if My Parent Has Dementia?

It’s disturbing to see your parents age. What can be more devastating is seeing them forget your name, daily basic activities, and all sorts of things. If your parents are experiencing memory, thinking, or communication issues, it is possible that they have dementia.

Dementia care is necessary if they have symptoms. But to convince your parents to visit a doctor, you must first learn about dementia itself.

What is Dementia?

For starters, Dementia is not a particular or specific disease. It’s a collective term that describes a decline in memory, reasoning, and other skills. Dementia significantly interferes with the ability to participate in day-to-day activities & maintaining relationships.

The likelihood of dementia increases with age, but it’s not a normal part of aging. People with dementia lose the ability to solve problems & control their emotions. Some may go through personality changes & behavioral difficulties as well.

Dementia damages brain cells, which affects communication, thinking, and memory skills.

Early Warning Signs of Dementia

Are you worried about your aging parents?  Here are some early warning signs of dementia. Read them to identify if your parents need dementia care or not.

  • Looping Through the Same Questions

Are your parents asking the same question again and again? People who are going through dementia often loop over the same questions or stories. Don’t get irritated by your parents or loved ones repeating the same questions as they might be in the early stages of dementia.

  • Facing Difficulty in Performing Familiar Tasks

If your parents are facing difficulty in performing basic tasks like drinking water, having a shower, cooking a meal, etc., they may be suffering from dementia.

  • Communication Problems

In dementia, people often use wrong words or forget simple vocabulary. Furthermore, it can be hard for them to construct basic sentences. If your parents are going through this phase, then it is important to think about dementia care.

  • Change in Personality

Are your loved ones having changes in their personalities? Are they going through changes like being suspicious, fearful, or irritable? This is one of the early warning signs of dementia.

  • Misplacing or Forgetting Things

Everyone misplaces and forgets things from time to time, but if it seems like it’s happening more and more often, this may be a warning sign of dementia.

Importance of Diagnosing Dementia & Taking Care of Your Parents

When dementia is detected and diagnosed early, it can help you to slow down the progression of the disease and help your parents live longer and healthier!

After you have a doctor’s diagnosis of dementia, it’s time for action. Look for care plans online, and see what they are offering.

Convince your parents to talk about what they are feeling. Encourage them to visit a doctor and discuss dementia.

Stay close with your parents during this difficulty. Don’t let them deal with dementia all on their own.