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A woman connecting with elderly family members long-distance using a video chat

How to Be a Long-Distance Caregiver

Although you live in a different city, it’s still possible to be an amazing long-distance caregiver to your loved one.

Did you know that being a long-distance caregiver can be just as effective as someone who lives locally? While it may sadden you to live in another city than your loved one, you can still provide them with the support they need. Here are some of the best ways you can take a proactive role in your loved one’s life:

Take Control of the Finances

The last thing a person in need wants to think about is their finances. However, just because someone needs additional care doesn’t mean they can stop paying their bills. You can help make sure their bills get paid on time each month. Since most companies accept payments online, you can tackle this task from any location.

Before you take control of the finances, however, you should speak to your loved one about legally granting you power over their money. You may want to look into:

  • Power of attorney: This document gives you legal authority to make decisions as a caregiver on their behalf.
  • Joint ownership: Adding your name to bank accounts or other assets makes it easier to gain financial control when necessary.
  • Representative payee: Being an authorized payee ensures you can help the other person manage money.

While it’s difficult to discuss your loved one’s finances, doing so will reduce their burden and prevent problems later down the road.

Coordinate Care with Other Family Members

Your loved one probably needs a lot of care. It’s essential to plan ahead for any need that may arise. Keep an open line of communication with other family members and close friends, especially those who live locally. Consider scheduling a meeting, whether in-person or via telephone, to discuss any daily care needs. Choose a primary caregiver who will be the main point of contact for all parties.

You may want to assign different chores or jobs for each person to manage. Dividing up responsibilities makes things easier for everyone involved. Since you live further away, you can help by assisting in appointment setting or bill paying. There are plenty of activities that don’t require your physical presence. Have follow-up meetings every month to ensure everyone remains on the same page.

Reach Out and Touch Someone by Phone

A familiar, friendly voice can help brighten anyone’s day. Even though you live many miles away, you can still speak to your loved one daily by telephone. Schedule a specific time each day to give them a call. You don’t need to talk about anything in particular—any conversation will boost their spirits.

Before making a phone call, however, be mindful of their schedule. If you live in a different timezone, make sure you take that into consideration. You don’t want to call during mealtime or in the middle of the night. Consider asking your loved one what time works the best for personal calls.

Always Take Care of Yourself

As a caregiver, you may overlook your own needs. Remember, taking care of another person is a highly commendable thing, but it’s also tedious and time-consuming. Ask other people for help whenever possible. Make sure you schedule some personal time for yourself during the week.

Always keep your own mental health at the forefront. If you feel overwhelmed or have negative thoughts, talk to a counselor. Consider joining an online support group to connect with other caregivers like yourself. You need to know you’re not alone during this journey.

Hire Professional Caregiver Help

You’re an amazing person for taking care of your loved one during their time of need. However, you may not always have the time or tools necessary to be there around the clock. Hiring a professional caregiver is the best way to lift this burden from your shoulders.

At Celestial Care, we value the needs of every client we serve. You can trust our highly-skilled caregivers to treat your loved one as a member of our own family. From administering medications to providing companionship, we do it all. Connect with us online now to learn how we can help you become the best long-distance caregiver possible.