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How to Plan for the Future for a Relative with Dementia

If you have a loved one with dementia, it’s important to plan for the future. These tips will help you to prepare for what’s next.

When you have a relative with dementia, it can be overwhelming and scary. You may be feeling uncertain about what the future holds. While you can’t control how quickly the condition will progress, you can create a plan of action that will help you to provide the best care possible. Keep reading for helpful tips from in-home nursing professionals about how to plan for the future.

Why Now Is the Time to Plan

If your relative is in the earlier stages of dementia, he or she may not yet require extensive care. Perhaps they are still able to remain in their home independently. However, it’s important to consider that a time is coming when this may not be the case. By setting up a plan for care now while your loved one still has sound decision-making capabilities, you can get their input and avoid problems that may arise in the months and years to come.

Now is also a good time to learn as much as you can about dementia so you know what to expect. Being prepared for the most common struggles of the condition will help you to feel more in control of the situation while ensuring your loved one is safe and secure.

Set Realistic Expectations

Throughout the planning process, it’s important to remember that your loved one may have good days and bad days. Avoid setting too high expectations. Keep these tips in mind to reduce stress for everyone involved and improve communication between family members during this crucial planning time:

  • Express Positivity: Stay in control of your facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. Strive to speak in a manner that is pleasant and soothing. Continue to give physical affection to your relative; this can help them to feel safe in a confusing time.
  • Communicate Clearly: Speak calmly and slowly, using simple words and phrases to communicate. Never get angry or visibly frustrated when they are trying to communicate.
  • Acknowledge Your Relative’s Feelings: Your loved one may feel angry, sad, or upset, and it’s important to let him or her know you understand and have empathy. Make sure your relative feels heard.

Plans for the Future

When it comes to the planning process for the future, include your loved one if possible. Ask for their opinion, using simple terms and positive communication. Continually reinforce to them that they are loved and that you want to help them remain safe and supported and to have the highest quality of life possible.

Other steps you can take to plan include:

  • Obtain education about dementia for all family members involved. It’s important to get everyone on the same page to create a strong, encouraging support system for both the relative and each other.
  • Find local resources. A quick Google search can reveal resources in your area to support you and your relatives as you plan for the future. You can also ask your local in-home nursing care company to point you to the appropriate resources.
  • Delegate responsibilities to family members and friends. The more help you can get during this time, the better. Whether it’s providing regular check-ins and visits or delivering meals and helping with medications, having multiple people on the support team can make all of the difference.
  • Reach out to a local in-home caregiving company you can trust. By turning to the professionals for help, you can ensure you are getting expert advice and assistance to keep your relative safe and secure. Plus, having professional help means you don’t have to carry the burden alone.

Turn to Celestial Care as You Plan for the Future

Our team is here when you need us to discuss your family’s situation and help you to develop a customized plan for care for your loved one with dementia. We have been helping families like yours for years, and know the best solutions to ensure your relative has the highest quality of care possible. Our professional services can alleviate your stress and help you to manage care without sacrificing your own quality of life. Connect with us online now to schedule a consultation.