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Keep Your Loved One at Home and Out of a Nursing Facility

As people age, life can become more difficult. Sometimes, it becomes so difficult that older people might no longer be able to take care of themselves without assistance. They need care and attention so their mental and physical health remains in good shape.

COVID-19 has continued to spread, and nursing homes are one of the more vulnerable populations to the virus.  So, naturally, we’ve seen an increase in interest in home nursing. Many seniors and their family members are concerned with the safety of nursing facilities and larger groups.

Besides, the majority of seniors would prefer to age in place within the comfort of their homes. Living in their own homes where they are most comfortable can make a big difference in the overall physical and mental health of these older people.

With the right home nursing arrangement, you can rest assured your loved one receives good healthcare and full attention from a professional who can help them.

To keep your elderly family member safe and healthy at home without needing to look at a nursing facility or other living arrangement, home nursing is a great option.  There are a number of things you can do to help set yourself and your older family member up for success with home nursing and keep them out of health facilities for as long as possible.

Here are some ideas that can help you care for an older family member and prepare for a successful in-home care arrangement:

Arranging and improving home modifications

Mobility issues, such as difficulty walking up stairs or going to the bathroom, are often a concern.  If mobility issues are hindering an older family member’s independence, there are many options.  Stairlifts can help with getting up and down stairs. Grab bars and non-slip bath mats in the shower will help prevent slipping and falls.

Hire a caregiver

Making sure you hire the right caregiver for your older loved one will have a tremendous impact on their quality of life. They will need to be medically qualified for the medical issue(s) that the patient struggles with, in order to make sure they can attend to all foreseen healthcare needs. They can also assist in the light household chores such as cooking, washing, other daily activities (bathing, feeding, and dressing).

Visit them as often as you can

Spend as much time with your older loved ones as you can.  This has so many positive impacts on their mental and physical health.

Encourage them to exercise regularly

Exercise is important for people of all ages, but it’s especially vital for older people in order to keep them strong and improve their wellbeing.

Help them have fun

While spending time with seniors, try to engage them in indoor activities. These could include playing games, taking photos, talking with them, listening to music they love, and watching movies.

Seek medical care

Keep a close relationship with their primary care doctor.  Ask the doctor for ideas for keeping them healthy at home, and make sure you are up-to-date about their medical needs and care plan.


You can not take good care of someone else if you aren’t also taking good care of yourself. Take care to nourish your body and your spirit – being a caregiver takes a lot of stamina and energy!

At Celestial Care, we provide exceptional caregivers and skilled nurses who can help take care of seniors in their own homes – even those with advanced medical conditions. Contact us now to learn more about our private duty nursing services.