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The Benefits of Aging in Place for Seniors and their Families

Older loved ones are such an important piece of our families.  As they slow down and encounter medical conditions, memory issues, or just the general loss of ability to conduct activities of daily life, it’s common to want to find ways to help.  In many families, other family members support them and help them as much as they can for as long as they can.

Still, it’s not possible for most people to provide the type of hands-on care that their family member needs for very long. Despite all of our best intentions, life gets in the way.  But there is often a lot of resistance to going into a nursing home – most people want to stay in their home as long as possible.

For that reason, aging in place at home (with adequate assistance and care) is often the perfect solution for your older loved one.

In-home care by trained caregivers is not only a great way to receive the type of medical care your loved one requires, but it also has the added benefit of doing this from the most comfortable place for them.

The benefits are undeniable. Here are a few of them –

  • Close to Loved Ones

No one likes to be far away from their loved ones, especially someone who is older and sick.  A solid support system of friends and family is invaluable in the management of any patient, no matter their age.

While there are situations that require the added security and medical capabilities of a senior living facility, rehab, or hospital, many older people are able to have their needs met from home with the right support system in place. For these people aging in place, they’ve got the best of both worlds – the care they need and the love of their family.

  • Independence

As much as seniors need to be around familiar people, they don’t appreciate the feeling of being dependent on others. Aging in place means they’re able to do some things on their own, in a way that they are already comfortable with.

  • They’re protected and healthy

Exposure to crowded spaces can be a threat to older people’s health (even during normal times).  Older folks tend to have weaker immune systems and comorbidities that make being in a crowd more dangerous.

Aging in place allows you to protect them by keeping them close and having more control over outside factors.

  • Comfort

Most older people are very comfortable in their home and would prefer to stay there as long as possible if they have the choice.  Adapting to a new environment like a nursing home takes as much time as moving to a new home.

  • Cost Management

Financing for assisted living facilities can be very expensive. The costs usually include medical treatment, accommodation, continued care, and other costs of aging. While in-home care can also have quite a range of cost based on medical needs, it is also much more flexible.

Fortunately, aging in place has become more and more realistic and attainable for families.  It is recognized as an important factor in health outcomes by many health professionals, and they try to accommodate for it when possible.

With a private duty nursing service or home health care agency, seniors (even those with advanced medical conditions) can avoid nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab facilities. Instead, they get to stay within the comfort of their homes, surrounded by loved ones and happy memories, all with adequate medical care.

Celestial Care is a private duty nursing agency that provides home care services to residential seniors. There are registered nurses and certified nursing assistants ready to deliver the best in-home care in Phoenix AZ for your loved ones.  Contact us to learn more today