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The Importance of Continuing to Wear Masks and Social Distance

Unfortunately, efforts at containing COVID-19 in Arizona have not been as successful as other states. Now that the state has come out of lockdown and allowed many businesses to re-open, we are seeing significant rises in new cases.

As new cases continue to rise, it’s becoming more important than ever that people need to wear a mask when they go out in public and social distance until the virus has run its course. Seniors are at the highest risk of complications from the virus, so it’s especially important for seniors, their family members, and caregivers to minimize the risk of catching COVID and infecting others.

COVID simply isn’t over. And our seniors need to be kept safe until it is.

Senior Health: Keeping Seniors Safe During COVID-19 in Arizona

At-risk populations and low-risk populations alike are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when they leave the house, social distance at a minimum of six feet, and continue to handwash regularly. Hand sanitizer should also be used often, especially after touching outside surfaces.

There are additional precautions that in-home caregivers can take to keep their senior loved ones safe. Opting for grocery delivery or contact-free curbside pickup is one excellent option when it is necessary to pick up anything. There are a variety of grocery delivery apps that make it easy to order supplies, or many grocery stores are also offering contact-less pickup outside the store as well. Many pharmacies also offer an option to have medications and treatments delivered to residents’ homes, rather than forcing them to physically come to the pharmacy.

Also, take the time to disinfect surfaces around your home regularly. Keeping one’s home clean is important as you spend more time at home, and disinfecting surfaces 

Make sure that everyone who comes in contact with your older loved ones are washing their hands regularly for at least twenty seconds with antibacterial soap.

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