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There’s No Place Like Home

For aging seniors there is a large selection of medical care available in today’s health industry.  Nursing homes, assisted living, retirement communities, and family care are a few of the options available to seniors.  A growing trend amongst today’s elderly is utilizing care in their home.  Home healthcare is a reliable and desired form of healthcare.

According to Net Industries Medical Encyclopedia, there are numerous benefits to receiving high quality care in the home:

  • Healing – According to recent studies, patients heal much better in their homes as opposed to any inpatient facility.  The familiarity and comfort of their surroundings have a physical effect on how quickly and fully they are able to recover.
  • Quality – Due to shrinking budgets at hospitals, time spent in recovery in the hospital has been cut drastically shorter.  Many patients are discharged before they are fully healed and sent home without the correct level of care for them to continue healing.  Home healthcare agencies are a great addition to any hospital recovery because they ensure the continuity and continuation of care for the patient at home.
  • Independence – Many seniors have a hard time moving from their home into a nursing home or other type of long term care facility.  Instead of drastically disrupting the lives they have always lived, home healthcare helps seniors to maintain their independence of living at home while receiving the quality of care they need.
  • Comfort – Because let’s be honest, there really is no place like home!

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