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Tips to Help Seniors Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Follow these simple tips to help seniors stay cool even when the temperatures rise.

It’s important to help seniors stay cool in hot weather. When temperatures rise, older adults have more difficulty adjusting to the heat. Unfortunately, heatstroke and even death may occur as a result of overheating. Summertime is especially dangerous for the elderly. While it’s not always possible to avoid the sun, you can take the steps necessary to help protect yourself or your loved ones during the next heatwave.

Stay Active in the Water

Keeping active is essential for people of all ages, including the elderly. However, when it’s hot outside, you need to choose your activities wisely. Moving around in water is a great option. Water is always cooler than land, so taking a dip in a pool will instantly lower your body temperature. Try to plan outdoor activities that are near water, including swimming in a public swimming pool, lake, or beach.

Seniors don’t have to break a sweat to stay in shape. Water aerobics, for example, is one way you can increase your heart rate without raising your core temperature. It’s also low-impact, which is ideal for those who have arthritis, joint problems, or mobility issues.

Hydration Is Key

Remember that you should drink about 64 ounces of water per day. This rule also holds true for seniors; however, many people don’t consume enough liquids in a 24-hour period. Not drinking a sufficient amount of water may lead to dehydration, and in the worst cases, a person may require IV fluids at the hospital.

Make sure your loved ones always have access to water throughout the day. Don’t wait until they feel thirsty to offer a beverage. You can encourage older individuals to drink more by packing a reusable water bottle. Some seniors with dementia or other ailments may refuse water or forget to drink altogether. In this situation, you can supplement water intake with different types of liquids. It’s possible to help them stay hydrated with popsicles, juice, soup, or even watermelon.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

It’s vital to help your loved ones select the right outfits during the summer. Some fabrics, such as polyester and rayon, don’t breathe well. Instead, they cause excessive sweating, which may lead to overheating or dehydration. Look for clothes constructed out of cotton or linen blends.

Loose-fitting clothes also reduce the risk of heatstroke by allowing air to move freely in and out. A flowing top is a better choice than a fitted t-shirt, for example. Choosing light-colored clothing can also prevent overheating. Dark colors, such as black or navy, absorb sunlight. Avoid these colors at all costs. On the other hand, white, beige, and pastels reflect light. These lighter colors will help seniors to stay cool.

Wear an Ice Vest

Those who are the most susceptible to hot weather should purchase an ice vest. This article of clothing looks like a typical vest, except it holds ice packs. When worn, the ice cools the core of the body, reducing the risk of heatstroke. Seniors should freeze the ice packs before heading outdoors to prevent their body temperature from rising.

If an ice vest isn’t available, you can still stay cool with a wet washcloth. Soak a towel in ice water and hold it on the back of your neck. You should feel your body instantly cool down. Keep a few bottles of water on hand so you can rewet the washcloth throughout the day.

Find a Trusted Caregiver to Keep Seniors Cool

With temperatures hotter than ever, finding a caregiver to watch over your loved ones is critical. Heatstroke can strike at any time, and the consequences can be deadly. The dedicated nurses and caregivers from Celestial Care will make sure the seniors in your life get the one-on-one care they need. Providing our elderly clients with the best quality of life possible is what we do best. Get in touch with our compassionate team now to learn what we do to help seniors stay cool during the summer.