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Senior woman who has fallen

What to Do After a Fall

What should you do after an elderly person falls? Here are the top things to consider as you make a plan for safety. 

When an elderly person falls in his or her home alone, it can be a terrifying experience—not just for the senior, but also for the family members. A one-time fall is enough cause for concern. Repeated falls are red flags that it is time to take immediate action and put safety measures and the right nursing assistance in place to keep the individual safe. 

You may be feeling a wide range of emotions since the fall—from fear and guilt to worry and anxiousness. It’s time to focus those emotions into positive action. Taking a proactive approach to the situation will help you to put your mind at ease while ensuring your loved one has the right support and assistance in place. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the questions to ask and actions to take after the senior adult in your life is falling:

Question: Why Is the Senior Falling?

By identifying the reason the senior adult is falling, you will be able to determine which strategies for fall prevention will be most effective. Possible reasons include:

  • Weak muscles and a need for exercise or physical/occupational therapy
  • A new or progressed health condition
  • Time for a medication adjustment with the physician
  • Vision problems
  • Home safety issues

Take Action: Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

Scheduling a thorough check-up with a doctor can help the senior adult to narrow down reasons for the falling episodes. The physician will likely be able to determine what the primary cause is and make recommendations for medications, treatments and/or exercises that can help. He or she may also recommend in-home medical services to provide an additional safety net.

Question: Is the Home Environment Contributing to Fall Risk?

This is an important consideration, because even if the doctor rules out health factors, the environment can be a trigger for falls. Watch out for potential environmental problems, including:

  • Too many, too narrow or too steep stairs
  • Uneven yard
  • Loose rugs or shag carpet
  • Icy or wet porch outside of the home

Minimizing environmental risks is an important part of a strategy to prevent future falls. You may even be able to walk through the home with your loved one and a senior care expert to determine the areas of weakness in home design and environment and come up with solutions to make the home safer.

Take Action: Contact the Home Health Care Services Experts at Celestial Care

You may be feeling overwhelmed with worry regarding your loved one and concerned about future falls. Getting in touch with the local experts in home health care services is a great next step to develop an effective plan for fall prevention and the highest quality senior care. 

At Celestial Care, we are happy to discuss your loved one’s situation and help you to develop a customized plan to keep your loved one healthy, safe and as content as possible. Connect with our friendly, experienced team online now or call us at 602.375.8880 to schedule a consultation. You don’t have to go through this process alone, so reach out today for the help and support you need.