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Caregiver Serving Tea to Elderly Woman

What to Expect from a Premium In-Home Care Service

When the responsibility of caring for your aging parent falls directly on your shoulders, it’s time to consider the benefits of premium in-home care.

Is it time to think about premium in-home care services for your loved one? You’ll be amazed by the high level of care available. The world is a different place than it was years ago—and it’s just not as easy for today’s families to be home to ensure their home-bound loved ones are safe.

Still, some cultures feel it’s a requirement for adult children to tend to the needs of their elderly parents. After all, the parents cared for them when they were a child. And for some families, that works out quite nicely.

Mom moves in and can help out with the grandkids, pitch in with the cooking and cleaning, and life is great.

But what happens when Mom (or Dad) can no longer get around much? When they’re too weak to run a vacuum? Or too sick to help cook or tend to the grandbabies? What happens then, when they need more assistance than you’re able to offer?

Perhaps your situation is different. Your loved one has had surgery, and needs some assistance during their recovery time. With a full-time job and a family of your own to consider, how can you make sure your loved one gets the help they need when they need it?

The best solution may be to look for additional help by hiring in-home assistance for your loved one. When this is the decision, of course you want to find the best premium in-home care service available.

What to Look for in a Premium In-Home Care Service

You’ll find many in-home care companies offer similar services with regard to helping with daily living activities, like bathing, dressing, and eating. Some will even do some cooking and light housekeeping, or run errands from time to time.

But if you’re looking for more specialized services, you’ll want to look for a premium in-home care company, sometimes known as concierge care. Some of the tasks these companies offer may include:

  • Transportation to and from doctor appointments
  • After surgery, waiting for discharge and bringing the patient home
  • Overnight stays, as needed or requested
  • Assistance with exercise or performing passive range of motion exercises
  • Keeping track of and dispensing medications

There may be other services and responsibilities available, depending on the company. Don’t be afraid to ask. Some caregivers even have the training to take your loved on an outing, for a few hours or the whole day.

Other Considerations

If a company calls itself a premium in-home care service, you’ll most likely need to contact them for rates, since they’re usually customized, depending on the services requested.

It might be a good idea to take a few minutes to jot down any specific services you know you’ll want or need for your situation. The customization of rates can work in your favor by keeping you from paying for services you don’t actually need.

There are a few things you’ll want to include in that initial call. For instance, the anticipated length of the assignment, the mental status of your loved one, any physical limits, and any post-surgery physician’s orders are a good start.

It’s also a good idea to see if they’re in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Reputable companies will usually register with the BBB, and you want to look for a score of A or A+ for best results.

What You Should Expect

You should expect to find highly skilled, trained caregivers, whose top priority is the care and well-being of your loved one. The goal for all parties involved should be to allow your loved one to remain as independent as possible, with their dignity intact, for as long as possible.

Premium in-home care services may not be huge companies. This is typically by design, as their focus is not on being the biggest at what they do, but more often on being the best at it. Their goal goes beyond customer satisfaction to include a positive health outcome for your loved one. This is what sets a premium care service apart from the others.

Following the initial consultation, there will likely be an in-person meeting. This might be in their office or you may request that they come to your home, so you can see how they interact with your family and your loved one.

This should be a time of getting all your questions answered and discussing the financial options that may be available for you.

When you’ve got all the information and answers to any questions and concerns, the company will try to match the person they believe to be the best fit for your situation.

Some companies will assign a manager to your in-home service account, and will help you navigate through the complexities of the healthcare system. This can include advocating on your behalf with insurance companies, medical professionals, and even addressing legal needs.

Continuity Is Important

A consistent routine is an important factor for the overall success of in-home care, both for your loved one as well as the agency. Expect a brief period of adjustment as everyone gets to know one another.

Change can be difficult, so the more continuity there is in the care, the better. The agency will likely try to send the same person and that person will undoubtedly try to adhere to roughly the same schedule of care every day. Most of the time, the closer you can stay to a familiar routine, the better it is for everyone involved, especially for your senior loved one.

It’s important to recognize the differences between standardized care offered by many in-home care providers and those services offered by premium in-home care service companies. Those differences can make having in-home care a truly rewarding experience for you and your family.

It can be a daunting task, trying to find someone you can feel comfortable about bringing into your home to give personal assistance to a beloved family member.

Premium in-home care companies can be a great help. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you made the best choice possible and your loved one is getting the best care available.