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The times they were here was good for me and my loved one felt like they got the professional care needed.


I selected Celestial Care because of their reputation of being really good. The nurse who I deal with is very compassionate and she knows how I feel. She helps me with my stress disorder and my appetite.


I liked the initial interview where the nurse came in and evaluated my father. I liked the Certified Nursing Assistant who came in. She had lots of experience dealing with dementia and the diagnosis my dad had. It gave me comfort that he was in good hands when I left.


They recognize who you are when you call them. I didn't feel like a number to them. I felt like they cared about me. They are able to adapt to our needs. We love their willingness to do anything.

Sun City

Celestial Care's staff is great. Very easy to get a hold of, very responsive, and they go above and beyond to fulfill our needs. If there is ever an issue, they take care of it and follow-up. Both of our nurses and the management are very easy to work with, and they listen. They are willing to work with the client and accommodate us to the current situation.


Celestial Care has made life easier because it has helped my loved one with dealing with the mental aspect of changes in his body, giving him some peace of mind.


I would tell others that Celestial Care is a good company to hire because they are incredibly competent and caring. I think Celestial Care was the top of the line.

Paradise Valley

They have always been responsive, professional, and easy to work with. The caregivers are also highly professional as well. They are really a top-notch organization and I cannot think of anything that they can to do better.


I am extremely pleased with Celestial Care. They have wonderful care and they are so knowledgeable. I got the services for my husband, thinking that he would pass away soon after, but the care helped him immensely and he is doing so much better. They care so much about him, and this has changed our lives for the better. I truly love this company.


We shall recommend Celestial Care to our friends who have the need of nursing services in the future.


Celestial Care will be the company I use in the future should the need arise.